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Nicole Dyer Griffith

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Nicole’s Expertise



Nicole Dyer Griffith is  highly accomplished and results-focused executive with outstanding experience in program development, distribution, advertising, planning, market research, event planning and client management. Instrumental in managing marketing materials creation, maintaining a good relationship with company's stakeholders and writing marketing copy. Proficient in creating company's sales and public relations strategies, promoting the brand identity, calculating return on investment, monitoring campaign execution, and coordinating external communications. Demonstrate marketing expertise, creativity, time management, computer proficiency, organisation, public relations, advertising, business, teamwork, networking, and leadership abilities.



Nicole Dyer Griffith’s political life began with the Congress of the People in 2006, when she, along with the many thousands became known as ‘founding members.’ Nicole served on the party’s first National Executive in the position of Secretary, Public Relations, then on another National Executive Team in the position of Deputy Chairman, then became the Party’s Chairman. Her disillusionment with the distance that the party had travelled from its noble Vision and Mission led to her resignation from the party and shifted her focus to Human and Social development from a National Perspective.



Nicole Dyer Griffith is a passionate patron and founder of organizations that develop people and improve the human condition.

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