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Historically, the patron of the Diabetes Association of Trinidad and Tobago is the Nation’s First Lady, Nicole was approached to assume this role, and readily accepted. Her primary function is to act as an advocate for Diabetes Awareness Education, and to maintain the levels of interaction for the association on social media platforms.

Human Development: Case Studies


Nicole developed the concept for the I support our service campaign to design a campaign that would strengthen the connectivity between members of the protective services [Police] and the National Community. This campaign was developed with three pillars in mind, Corporate Support, Youth Engagement and community partnership.
The campaign received wide support and has grown into other areas of the protective services for inclusion.

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Human Development: Case Studies


The O2N Foundation was borne as a natural progression from the Oxygen with Nicole Motivational series, where founder, Nicole Dyer Griffith, identified the need for women in the first instance to find a safe space for which they may share their ‘life stories’. She connected with Creative Director Richard Young, and hosted a very successful human development event, where a cross section of women shared un-inhibited.

This later gave birth to the Oxygen with Nicole Human Development Series, as she believed such an experience of cathartic sharing should not be limited by gender. The human development series was formed and has reached thousands of persons from Trinidad, Antigua, New York and Guyana.

To maintain the sustainability of the O2N/HDS, the O2N Style brand was developed. The O2N Foundation hosted two hugely successful Caribbean style showcases in Trinidad, highlighting creatives from the region, with the inclusion of an intellectual and creative conversation, trunk showings, trade galleries and the creation of many opportunities for the creative sector. The event also saw the launch of an online eco-system to host many of the creatives involved in active trade.

Human Development: Case Studies


Nicole founded and is the patron of the G 111 Foundation in or around 2012. GIII signifies the three pillars of GROWTH, GREATNESS and GENEROSITY OF SPIRIT that the patron wishes not only for her son but for every young person who passes through "The Soaring Eagles Programme". The three pillars of the programme include:

 GROWTH: In terms of person and character.

 GREATNESS: The hope that each participant would want to continue to strive to achieve the best they can be.

 GENEROSITY: The spirit of the G 111 Foundation," THE PASS IT ON PRINCIPLE"

​The GIII Foundation is based on the philosophy that the gift of learning keeps on giving, and the gift of giving should keep on growing. The Foundation’s main objective is to develop strategies that will expand and enrich the life experiences of its student participants by providing the opportunity to engage in practical life- skills management programmes that are designed to fill the gaps in developmental education.
Human Development: Case Studies
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